Revealed – The “Secret Sauce”
For Developing A High Performance Open Guard Game At Lightening Speed!
A Fool-Proof, Proven Roadmap To A Killer Guard That Fits Your Body
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and Pulling Your Hair Out in Frustration!
Okay, let’s face it…

The Guard – especially the open guard – is the most sophisticated aspect of the BJJ game.

FACT: We spent at least half of our time on the Jiu-Jitsu mat either playing guard or passing the guard! In fact, the great Rickson Gracie has said that the open guard is “the heart and soul” of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Compared to the other positions in BJJ, it seems like the options and styles for defending and attacking from the guard are almost infinite. And unfortunately, as a coach I keep seeing students (and some instructors) making the same mistakes over and over again as they try to learn this crucial part of the art!

We’ve all been there… seeing how this famous guy plays this style of guard and trying it out, then picking up some tips from another world champion and trying that game on for size…

But for the majority of BJJ students, this is a MAJOR waste of time!

The problem is that many people are learning the guard (and thinking of the guard) by trying to piece together as a series of techniques learned in class – or worse yet – trying to just copy what someone else is doing.

This approach is one of the worst ways to develop your skills! I’m here to help you end that frustration.

And even if you have a solid guard that’s working for you already, I’m going to help you take it up a notch….

Because the Real Trick To Getting Good Quick
Is To Drill Down To The Key Principles That Make a
Great Guard Game Work in Real Time…
For ANY Type of Guard You Want To Play!
This means...
  • Understanding the key principles and core concepts that make EVERY open guard game work...
  • Learning how to slow down ultra-aggressive opponents and attach to them like an octopus!
  • Discovering how to control your opponent during transitions and capitalize on their attempts to counter you...
  • Knowing how to keep the pressure on your opponents while you maintain your guard – and how to transition into “Attack Mode” at any moment you see an opportunity...
  • Drilling down your practice time to make it as productive as possible… by working the guard that’s right for you!
When I first started breaking down the open guard game into a simple, easy-to-follow “5 Step Guard” system in my 40 Plus BJJ Success series, people of all belt levels were emailing me like crazy…

It was like a light bulb went off!

…Students were saying that their guard games went through the roof practically overnight – because it all suddenly made sense!

…I got compliments from other instructors saying that this was the tool they’d been looking for to help their students grasp the guard with better results, in less time!

Well I asked myself: “Why Stop There?”

So I put together this series that will not only put your ability to retain your guard into hyper-drive…

But also give you the tools to transition from attack to attack following this of concepts and techniques, all broken down into painstaking detail!

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No More Feeling Your Heart Rate Spike As Your Opponent Pressures You to Pass!

How many of you have felt your muscles tense up and your breathing change as your opponent was about to pop open your closed guard…

Or had that rush of anxiety as your training partner starts to pin your leg or hip, knowing he’s about to blast past your guard?

Or realized you’ve spent all your time during a roll playing “catch up” as the faster, more explosive guard passer wears you down, and you feel your control (and your gas) just slipping away…?

These experiences are all too common. And it’s not just new white belts that don’t have much mat time or technique under their belts who have these feelings!

So, I put this series together with the following beliefs in mind:
  • Just because the open guard – with its many variations – can be extremely complex doesn’t mean it has to be!
  • Having a great open guard shouldn’t be limited to the most athletic and flexible BJJ students.
  • You don’t need to memorize tons of techniques from every conceivable guard – or against every conceivable guard pass – to be able to really control your opponents!
  • You don’t need to be Gumby to have an awesome guard (not everyone’s bodies are designed to “hang out” folded up and upside down…)
Instead, I want you to be able to...
Develop a DANGEROUS Open Guard Game
That Enables You To Win More While
Using Less Energy
In my first series I went deep into the advantages of an active upright guard (butterfly guard), but in this set I focus on the other aspects of an effective, efficient open guard.

I cover a full game plan, from transitioning into open guard from your closed guard without giving your opponent any advantage… to intercepting, tying up, and attacking your opponents anytime you’re driven onto your back.

In short, my mission is to help you flip the switch from “survive” to “sweep and submit”!

Here’s What You Get With High Performance Open Guard:

  • The 5 essential aspects of any open guard, for ANY body!
  • Key concepts to simplify the game and make gains faster than you ever thought possible.
  • The “Primary Threat” principle – this has been a HUGE hit at seminars I’ve taught, and helped even accomplished higher belts take a leap forward in their performance!
  • Learn how to move from closed to open guard without giving up a millimeter of space… and keeping your opponents on the defensive the whole time (this is the “no man’s land” where many guard players lose the battle!)
  • A complete blueprint to shut down your opponent’s “combat base” (or knee up posture) – they’ll be feeling like it should be called “combat hold on for dear life”!
  • Uncover the keys to the Cross-Shin guard – this is one of the most effective but under utilized positions in BJJ!
  • Discover how to keep even much bigger opponents’ weight off you when you’re on your back.
  • Find out how to attach like a leech to your opponents no matter how they attempt to grab or angle to pass.
  • Discover the secrets for making the De La Riva hook work for virtually any body type (not just for the long legged and lanky)…
  • Plus – the three primary grips and pressures of the De La Riva guard (this is “keep it simple” at its best!)
  • Learn how to apply the super effective “DLX” guard from a variety of positions… your training partners will be wondering what they hell happened to their base as you sweep them over and over again!
  • Save YEARS of training time and trial & error by learning the key transitional links between the Cross Shin guard, X-guard, Reverse X-guard, De La Riva, and more!
  • No base & posture = no pass! (I’ll show you how to keep your opponent’s off balance from the get-go… they’ll be too worried about keeping their legs under them to pass!)
  • Learn the “single leg scissor sweep” and take your training partners by surprise – it’s so easy and available you’ll be wondering where this one’s been all your life!
  • Bog down and frustrate the ultra-aggressive speed demons and mat bullies (make them play your game, at your pace, on your terms!)
  • The critical control secrets for AFTER you’ve swept your opponent – they’ll have no room to breathe or scramble!
  • And much more...

“Professor, your instructional videos are second to none, especially with teaching concepts (more so than technique), and breaking down small details, into smaller easily digestible details.”
-C. Diaz

“Your tips have been super helpful, thank you!! The younger guys can't figure out why I can keep up with them.  I'm 42 yo.”
-Omar Rodriguez

“I am writing to provide a testimonial for the DVD series. I am 44 years old (recently promoted to purple) and I have been practicing BJJ for since 2008. I am pretty passionate about bjj and I have bought MANY DVDs, books, and instructionals. Your DVD set is one of the best due to the fact the emphasis is on principles and concepts vs techniques (though there is plenty of proven "fundamental" technique as well). The DVDs have really changed my approach to training; I am focused much more on routes and general concepts and less on physical attributes. This is paying great dividends as I am much more competitive with the young guns at the gym and at tournaments. Thank you for creating a great series for us "senior" players!”
-Marcelo Corpuz

Bottom line – there is a BOAT LOAD of time-saving, performance-boosting VALUE in this series. Not to mention all the savings in mental anguish and chiropractor visits!

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